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Nirmal online Premium Cotton Tunic Dress for Women in Fawn Colour

Nirmal online Premium Cotton Tunic Dress for Women in Fawn Colour

स्टॉक में - भेजने के लिए तैयार
नियमित रूप से मूल्य Rs. 1,250.00

Cotton jute horse print Tunic Dress, This stylish cotton jute dress features a handsome horse print.

Design: The horse print adorns the lower half of the dress.

Special Features:
The dress has a button placket down the front, with fabric buttons.
It includes a collar for added elegance.
A belt is cinched around the waist, creating a flattering silhouette.
There’s a convenient side pocket as well.

Colors: The dress is available in two colors:
Natural Fawn Color: A neutral, earthy tone.
Black: A classic and versatile color.

Style Tips:

Layering: Pair this dress with a monochromatic top for stylish layering.
Accessories: Bold accessories like chunky necklaces or bracelets can elevate the look.
Footwear: Black heels or ankle boots would complement the outfit perfectly.
Feel free to use this comprehensive description on your website, highlighting the cotton jute fabric and the unique horse print! 😊

Cotton Jute, Horse Print, Sleek Style 

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“Explore the epitome of style and comfort with our latest cotton jute garment adorned with a handsome horse print. Perfect for every occasion! Dive into a world of fashion only at NirmalOnline.com” 🌟

Model is wearing Size S , Pictures taken in shooting light so colour may vary from picture .


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