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Nirmal online Premium Quality Cord Set for Women in Peach Colour Print

Nirmal online Premium Quality Cord Set for Women in Peach Colour Print

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नियमित रूप से मूल्य Rs. 1,550.00

Soft Symphony” Cord Set: Where Comfort Meets Elegance 

Fabric Serenade: Imagine a fabric that whispers against your skin, a gentle melody of comfort. The “Soft Symphony” cord set is precisely that—a harmonious blend of softness and style. Crafted from digital-printed fabric, it’s a canvas for a unique print that dances like musical notes.

The Artistry of Print: Each stroke of color tells a story. The print, reminiscent of a Samajh painting, weaves together abstract motifs and delicate florals. It’s as if an artist dipped their brush in dreams and painted them onto the fabric.

Ankle-Length Poetry: The cord set’s length is poetry in motion. Ankle-kissing, it sways with grace as you walk. The side pockets, discreet yet functional, hold secrets—the kind you’d share with your closest confidante.

V-Neck Sonata: The neckline is a V-shaped crescendo. It frames your collarbones, inviting glances and admiration. Whether you’re sipping chai at a café or attending a soirée, this neckline strikes the right chord.

3/4th Sleeves: The sleeves are like a staccato rhythm—short enough to keep you cool, long enough to add elegance. They hint at mystery, leaving room for imagination.

Yoke Magic: Ah, the yoke! The front yoke creates a visual symphony—a focal point that draws eyes. It’s where the fabric gathers, creating soft folds that flatter your silhouette.

Versatility Unplugged: Pair it with ankle boots for a bohemian vibe or slip into ballet flats for a daytime ensemble. Add chunky jewelry or keep it minimal—the “Soft Symphony” cord set adapts to your mood.

Explore the reel-worthy moments. Feel the fabric, twirl, and let the symphony play. 

  • The model is wearing a set in size M

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